Resorts360 Vacation Club Reviews

– Carmen C, Sydney, Australia

“My husband was shocked to see we had saved 70% off the suite that I booked for that weekend.”

“Hello, my name is Carmen and I am a member with Resorts360. I have to say how amazing these savings are! My husband and I are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary and I wanted to stay somewhere nice and special in the city. I chose a 5 star hotel knowing that I could. My husband was shocked to see we had saved 70% off the suite that I booked for that weekend. He was so excited that he insisted I book our Hawaii accommodation also, and when I told him how much the room was, he said “being a member was so worth every cent!”  I love my travel portal and know I can get on there any time, have a browse and organize any future travel needs. I now look forward to recommending Resorts360 to everyone as it has changed our lives!”

“Dreams Do Come True… with Resorts360…”

“I’m a member with Resorts360 and I’m very happy! From the moment I laid eyes on this company I knew it was something very special and unique. Of course, I thought it was too good to be true at first, but I did my research, asked lots of questions, and I could not (and cannot) fault it. This was the legitimate, real travel club I had been looking for.
If you enjoy 2-5 Star accommodation and luxury cruise ships, well, start planning your next holiday and make it an extended vacation, because with all the money you will be saving, you won’t want to come home any time soon.”

– Lynda M, Australia

– Mike H, Australia

“…this amazing travel product leaves every other company in the dust.”

– Mike & Cindy D, Indianapolis, IN – USA

“Without doubt Resorts360 is a company that genuinely cares about its members and exemplifies the highest level of integrity.”

“My name is Mike and I’d like to tell you about my experience with Resorts360. My wife, Cindy and I, recently returned from a Resorts360 vacation at a stunning five star resort in Cancun, Mexico. Our total cost was $229 for four nights and five days. Our room was gorgeous, the view of the ocean beautiful, and the service five star all the way. We took two other couples as guests of Resorts360, and they were amazed at the Resort, and even more so at the value our Resorts360 membership provided. It was a delightful experience for all.

Ownership’s laser focused vision is to make Resorts360 the best travel product in the world. I have watched this company grow for over two years now, and it is amazing to witness its evolution. Without doubt Resorts360 is a company that genuinely cares about its members and exemplifies the highest level of integrity.

You can travel the world, enjoy weekend retreats, or take your entire family to beautiful resorts at a fraction of the cost. I spent two years researching business opportunities. I can say with complete sincerity, Resorts360 is among the very best–period! Take the step to explore this extraordinary opportunity. Like us, you will be glad you did.”

“…Resorts360 is getting better all the time!”

“I just wanted to say that Resorts360 is getting better all the time! I’m a pretty experienced traveller and used to researching accommodation options in highly competitive places….try New York City for choice and diversity!!! I was just researching Singapore (another very competitive city/state) and found so much choice and diversity… such wonderful prices. BEST – these booking dates are for Easter (like 2 weeks away and prime tourist season) and I found plenty of availability!!! This proves the no block out period with Resorts360. Even the wonderful and iconic Raffles Hotel….at highly discounted rates. Too good!!!”

– Sheryn N, Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia

– Debbie F, Perth, Australia

“When I came across Resorts360 I was sold almost instantly.”

“Hi. My name is Debbie and I live in the gorgeous city of Perth in Australia. I’ve always been a bit of a gypsy and love traveling. When I came across Resorts360 I was sold almost instantly.  I’m looking forward to many years of excitement, fun and travel. Resorts360 has most definitely changed my life. Thanks guys for the opportunity to change my latitude!”

” I look forward to sharing Resorts360 with as many people as possible.”

“When I was introduced to Resorts360, my eyes lit up straight away! Why? Simply because I quickly recognized the number of benefits of becoming part of this vibrant company. Mainly, the massive industry in the world of travel that grows exponentially year by year. Plus, of course, not only the opportunity to take advantage of the incredible 5-star affordable holidays worldwide, but the company support and guarantee that comes with Resorts360. I think everyone not only wants a holiday, but probably needs a holiday. So to that end, I look forward to sharing Resorts360 with as many people as possible. Thank you!”

– Wayne M, Brisbane, Australia

“…a huge saving (44%) on 5 Star accommodation right in the heart of London.”

“Using my Vacation Club Membership I compared prices for a week’s accommodation at the Mayfair Hotel, Stratton Street, in the heart of London UK. A superior room (twin share) was quoted online as being available for AUD$4,206 whereas my membership could provide it at AUD$2,337 – a saving of 44% over the week. This really is a huge saving on 5 Star accommodation right in the heart of London.”

– Tony S, Sydney, Australia

– Mark and Alicia G, Columbus, OH

“We not only booked an entire week… for only $379, but the staff at the Resort saved us an additional $120+!”

“My family and I used Resorts360 to travel to the Smokey Mountains in April 2010. Let me first say how easy it was to compare and book a place in the exact location we were looking for. It was off the beaten path but still close to all that the area has to offer! The staff at the resort was superb!! We not only booked an entire week in a 1 bedroom condo with a full kitchen and balcony overlooking trees for only $379, but the staff at the resort saved us an additional $120+!! They gave us discounts off entertainment around the area that were exclusive to their resort! The best place we went to was the Biltmore Estate! We saved $40 on admission there alone!! I was sooo impressed with the resort amenities and the ease of it all, that we are looking to do another vacation this fall! I am so glad that we came across Resorts360. You have allowed us to travel on a budget with our family:) THANKS!!”

“Travel has been a passion of mine…

“And when I came across Resorts360 it sounded to good to be true – but after my research, I couldn’t find ANYTHING wrong with it! Needless to say, I joined and it’s been one of the best decisions I ever made!  Resorts360 has definitely changed my life!”

Helen S, Brisbane QLD