About Resorts360 Vacation Club

About Us

Resorts360 Vacation Club was founded in December, 2008 by Mr. Rodger Rutter, a commercial airline pilot of 22 years, with one goal in mind; to create a unique travel company with outstanding benefits and service to its members. Later in 2015, Rodger transferred ownership to new the owner, Jeff Mills, who is an Internet Marketing Entrepreneur.

Based in the Midwest, no other travel company has invested the time, money and energy into developing a true travel platform whereby members can experience superior value, service, community and a feeling of true ‘ownership’. Literally hundreds of thousands of dollars has been invested in our technology and partnerships with exclusive resorts that are otherwise not available with other opportunities. As our partnerships grow, so does the value and variety we offer to our members…

Our Philosophy

Resorts360′s philosophy is simple: Our members come first. Everything we do revolves around this concept. From superior product development, to outstanding customer service, we thrive on the growth and satisfaction of our members. In fact, many of the features and benefits of our company were shaped by you, our most valued asset.

Where We Are Heading

As a relatively young company, we are poised to be the most sought after travel membership in the industry. With constant new developments and features being added to our database almost daily, there is no doubt we will continually have the cutting edge of property selection, price and special promotional offers that are unique to Resorts360 members only.


As you can imagine, taking on the responsibility of developing and maintaining a cutting edge concept like Resorts360 requires a solid team with experience, foresight and flexibility. Years of planning and the formation of new relationships all came together to develop Resorts360. Every one of our leaders are dedicated and driven to the same common goal of providing you with the most outstanding experience possible.

People do ask us if we have an affiliate or referral program. In the past we have gone through many different variations of affiliate sales models, but at this time, there is NOT an affiliate program for Resorts360. If you would like to sell our memberships and earn a referral commission, we need to set up a phone meeting and interview to see how we can best work together on a case by case basis. Call our office if you have any questions.


Jeff Mills has been marketing online since 1999. He’s a well known keynote speaker, internet marketing expert, Facebook Ads Expert, and brings his experience of sales training, online marketing systems organization and passion to the company.

In April 2015, Jeff took over the reins from Rodger as the CEO to inject new life and updated marketing systems into Resorts360′s DNA.

Jeff has a passion for traveling the world and has spoken as a featured keynote speaker in Germany, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Canada, Israel, United Kingdom, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, and all over the USA.

Jeff’s vision is for creating true savings for members. Resorts360 provides members with exclusive access to private vacation homes and timeshare rentals, a proprietary timeshare exchange system called V.O.I.C.E, preferred customer perks and posh accommodations throughout the world’s most sought-after 4 and 5 star destinations. Moving forward, ongoing enhancements and innovations will position the Resorts360 product as the recognized leader for unparalleled vacation value, features, and services.

In his spare time, Jeff love to go surfing, ride his bike and fly his Mavic Pro drone.


As you might expect, relationships and connections mean the world to me. Ralph’s number one responsibility is to listen to our prospective members, and ensure that their questions and expectations are met. If you have any questions about Resorts360, Ralph will answer them all!

Ralph’s background is in the world of insurance and sales. In his spare time, Ralph loves working with model trains.

He jumped at the opportunity to be a part of Jeff’s vision offering a fabulous product, excellent customer support and communication and the best user experiences in the industry.

Minnesota Sales Office

7393 Isleton Ave S
Cottage Grove, MN 55016

California Concierge Office

6727 Flanders Drive
Suite 220
San Diego, CA 92121

Customer Service and Support

Phone: (651) 329-0362
e-mail: support@resorts360vacationclub.net

Mon-Fri: 10 am – 5 pm Central Time (USA)